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Follow the latest news from all over the world by just installing Fox News on your phone! Watch on-demand news wherever you are about the most important trends of the world with the highest quality that you can get. And there’s more! Keep an eye on the latest sports, business, and even watch some live videos thanks to the amazing content of Fox News.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Fox News

  • Fox News will let its users enjoy content no matter where they are as the app works well even with slow connections.
  • People can get access to exclusive news that they won’t see on other channels, as well as breaking news alerts if wanted.
  • People have access to Fox News Go directly from the app without needing to get another app.
  • Fox News will start showing people the content they want to see once the user start looking at what they are interested in.
  • Fox News app allows its users to watch their content the way they want to, whether is full screen, or with a small player.
  • People can easily share news coming from the app directly to other apps with a simple click.
  • News in the app will be updated on an almost hourly range.

Some FAQ of Fox News

Is Fox News subscription worth it?

If you want to stay tuned with the latest news from all over the world, then yes, you surely will love to subscribe to Fox News.

Is Fox News Channel on Amazon Prime?

Yes! People can watch Fox News thanks to their Amazon Prime subscription.

Can I get Fox News app for free?

Yes! People get the app for free, but the service itself costs money.

Why should I download Fox News app?

Fox News app will keep you informed with tons of important information. You can use it to enjoy content about different subjects with great quality, and all will be available on your phone.