In case you are a traveler, then you probably will need to get an application in order to find all the information about your flights. Therefore, you can use Flightradar24 to make that possible. With this app, you can make yourself with the information about your flights, about your friend’s flights, and there’s more information that you can receive with it.

Some important characteristics you should know about Flightradar24

  • People will get the chance not only to track their flights but also worldwide flights in real-time.
  • Flightradar24 will get the information about the airplane that will be used on the flight, as well as all the details about the flight, such as arrival time, time of departure, and more.
  • People can get the chance to see how things are in 3D from the pilot’s perspective.
  • Flightradar24 will give people information about the airplane’s history and more.
  • People can easily filter flights with airline brands, flight altitude, airplane speed, and more.
  • People can easily sync Flightradar24 with other apps in order to easily use it even if they are not in a phone.

Some FAQ of Flightradar24

Is Flightradar24 a free app?

Yes, Flightradar24 is a free app that everyone can use.

Why are some planes blue on Flightradar24?

Planes that are shown in blue are currently being tracked in real-time.

What does Flightradar24 offer?

Flightradar24 offers people the chance to track flights in real-time, know airplane history, and more.

What do different colors mean in Flightradar24?

The different colors in the app are meant to give people information about the altitude of flights.