Flickr is one of the most amazing platforms for photographers around the world. People can easily share their photos, create a profile to share their adventures, and even edit what they will upload to the platform. Is an amazing place where people will communicate through pictures in a pretty amazing and easy way and that let others enjoy amazing photos.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Flickr

  • People will be able to see and share photos from other members that are part of Flickr.
  • Users can easily browse through Flickr in order to see the thousands of photos that have been shared on the platform.
  • People can use the photos that they see on Flickr to take inspiration to create their own photographs.
  • Flickr allows users to edit images inside the platform, but they can also add filters, crop the images, among many other things.
  • People can easily share the photos that are in Flickr to other social media platforms.

Some FAQ of Flickr

What is Flickr used for?

Flickr is used to share images, edit them, among many other edition features.

Is Flickr free?

Yes! People can use Flickr completely for free.

What’s the difference between Flickr and Instagram?

They might look the same, but Flickr comes to be a more social platform, for saying it so. Also, Flickr is more dedicated to photos, while Instagram is wider.

Is Flickr safe?

Yes! Flickr is one of the safest platforms that people can use.

What applications similar to Flickr can we find?

You can take a look at other similar apps, such as Instagram. Although alike, there are several differences between these apps. Discover them…