Working on a Figma design and don’t where to watch it when you are out of your main device? Don’t worry, you can make it through the Figma Mirror app. The app is designed so users can get access to all their designs no matter where they are at as they can connect their account with multiple devices. Thanks to Figma Mirror, things are now easier than ever.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Figma

  • People can connect their Figma account with different devices with the Figma Mirror app.
  • People can view their Figma designs on the Figma Mirror app no matter where they are at.
  • Thanks to Figma Mirror, people won’t need to be on the same Wi-Fi connection to watch their designs.
  • People only need to log in to their Figma account in the device they will use to see their designs within seconds.
  • Thanks to Figma Mirror, people can see changes in real-time, no need to wait to see them.
  • People can watch their profile on Figma in order to see how it looks thanks to the app.

Some FAQ of Figma

What Figma is used for?

Figma Mirror is mostly used for people who need to see how their designs look on a device before finishing it.

Is Figma a free app?

Yes! Figma Mirror is free for everyone.

Is Figma beginner friendly?

Figma is somehow complicated, so people should be prepared to use it as it is a demanding designing app.

Why is Figma so popular?

Figma has become quite popular in the design world because it has shown the world that it is a pretty complete app that people can easily use.