FedEx is one of the largest shipping companies that has ever existed around the world. Now, with the FedEx app, you will have the power to create a domestic and international shipping label with all the features that you need to properly manage all your packages. Simply download the app and you can start enjoying all the special features FedEx has prepared for its users.

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Some important characteristics you should know about FedEx

  • With the FedEx app, people will have the chance to easily track the status of all the packages that were sent with the company.
  • People can requests pickups once they become FedEx users.
  • FedEx will notify users of all the updates about a determined package.
  • People can scan barcodes in order to get access to the tracking orders of a package.
  • With the FedEx app, people will have the chance to find the nearest office and use the GPS to get to it.
  • People can request, view, and cancel pickups from every package that is sent with the company.
  • People have access to an in-app calculator that helps to estimate costs and delivery times.
  • The FedEx app will give users different rewards if they use it on a constant basis.
  • People can ensure that their FedEx app will stay safe as it offers strict security functions.
  • People can get in contact with FedEx customer service through the app whenever they need to.

Some FAQ of FedEx

How does FedEx app work?

The FedEx apps work by allowing users to track their packages, request deliveries, and more. This can be done with or without a user, people simply need an internet connection.

Is FedEx app free?

Yes! The FedEx app is completely free to get and use.