You probably have heard before that some internet browsers are damaging the environment and that even we, as internet users, are also causing damage to it. But, what if we said that there’s now a way for people to plant trees while they browse through their favorite internet websites? Well, there is, and it is named Ecosia. This browser is quite simple to use, and it is also pretty amazing due to it giving people the chance to browse through the internet while also taking care of the world.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Ecosia

  • Ecosia is an internet browser that is based on Chromium technology, meaning it is fast and safe to use.
  • This browser will give users the chance to browse through the internet as much as they need, and at the same time, help the world by planting trees in Australia.
  • Ecosia comes with an in-app private mode that will allow users to navigate without no one else noticing what they are searching for.
  • People can download content from Ecosia without any issue at all, which is pretty useful for everyone.
  • Ecosia includes a feature we all have seen in other browsers: the history feature, which will help users find something they have seen before with ease.
  • People can add as many bookmarks as they want to their Ecosia homepage to access those pages easily.
  • Ecosia won’t, by any circumstances, sell your private information or search history to third-party companies.
  • All the searches made through Ecosia are protected with SSL encryption no matter where you are navigating from.

Some FAQ of Ecosia

What is Ecosia app used for?

Ecosia is an internet browser that has arrived to change how things are seen. People who use this app will contribute the climate change fight in a good way as they will help to plant new trees by simply using this app.

Can I download Ecosia app for free?

Yes, you can get and use Ecosia for free.

Is Ecosia trustworthy?

Yes. Ecosia is one of the safest apps in the world.

Is Ecosia worth it?

Definitely, yes! It is quite a good app that you can get!

Does Ecosia work on any platform?

You can use Ecosia on iOS, Windows, Android, APK and online.

I have problems with Ecosia app. What solutions can I get?

Try getting back to the older version of the app: Your phone might not work with the latest app version, you can always get back to the one that worked for you, and we’ll tell you how to do it. With this solution, you should be able to use the app Ecosia. If you still can’t use it, we leave you a post where you will find all the possible solutions to this installation error.