If you are a DSW user, then you can’t miss the chance to have the app on your phone to stay tuned on everything that’s happening. With the app, you will not only have access to a premium shopping experience that no other app offers, but you will also have the chance to get access to unique VIP deals that won’t be available in another app. Join today and get a better experience as a DSW user.

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Some important characteristics you should know about DSW

  • Thanks to the DSW app people can easily find all the latest shoes for everyone in different brands.
  • The checkout process in DSW is a lot easier than in other apps, making the user experience better.
  • People have access to VIP access where they have the chance to track their rewards and points that can be used in the future.
  • DSW offers people the chance to know if what they want to buy is available or not before going to the store.
  • People can use the DSW app to make a “self-checkout”. Only choose what you want to buy, scan the shoes, and pay through the app.
  • DSW will help people locate stores. It will also tell important information about the stores such as working hours, contact number, etc.
  • DSW added an in-app “Clearance Calculator” that will show that you will truly pay for what you want to buy.

Some FAQ of DSW

What does DSW stand for?

DSW stands for “Designed Shoe Warehouse”.

Is DSW a good brand?

DSW is not a proper brand. DSW offers shoes from other brands, but they truly make a good job doing it.

Is DSW app free?

Yes! The DSW app is completely free.

Does DSW accept coupons?

Yes! People can use coupons on DSW. As a matter of fact, people can stack up to three coupons on one order.