Dragon Ball Z

Want to remember the good old days with amazing Dragon Ball battles on your phone? Now you got the chance to make it possible. Thanks to Dragon Ball Z you will get the chance to control the most powerful warriors of all the universe in an amazing game where your skills are about to be tested. Use all the fighters and become the next Saiyan Warrior on this amazing game

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Some important characteristics you should know about Dragon Ball Z

  • This brand new game of Dragon Ball Z added some puzzle features that we have never seen before.
  • People can get access to unique in-game features that will give users an amazing gaming experience.
  • People need to focus on creating well-thought strategies in order to defeat all their enemies.
  • In the Dragon Ball Z game, people will get the chance to use finishing moves to end a battle.
  • There are over 10 different characters available in the game, each one with all its abilities.
  • People can team up with different Dragon Ball Z characters in order to make an indestructible team.
  • People can train the Dragon Ball Z characters they have unlocked to become stronger in the arena.

Some FAQ of Dragon Ball Z

Is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle an offline game?

No, it actually is an online battle game.

How popular is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle?

Well, just by mentioning Dragon Ball Z we can tell how huge the game is!

Is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle a good game?

Yes, it is somehow a good battle game with innovative features of a well-known anime series.

Is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle a pay-to-win game?

Not necessarily, people can play-to-win for as long as they want to.