Dino T-Rex

In case you have been without an internet connection at any given time, then it’s probably fair to say that you will know about this little yet entertained game. The Dino T-Rex is the classic Google game that people see when they don’t have an internet connection, not much else to say rather than you won’t truly be suffering without internet now when playing it!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Dino T-Rex

  • You won’t need to be without an internet connection to play the Dino T-Rex game created by Google.
  • Not many changes have been made to this game, people will see the same old T-Rex running and avoiding danger in the road.
  • There’s only one level in the Dino T-Rex game, and it still has no true ending when playing.
  • There are some hidden easter eggs inside the game that will change a bit the gaming experience.
  • Alongside the T-Rex, there are some new characters that players can choose when playing.
  • The map is still the same, yet there are some new obstacles waiting for the players.

Some FAQ of Dino T-Rex

Can I play Dino T-Rex offline?

Yes, people can play Dino T-Rex offline.

Is Dino T-Rex a free game?

Yes! Dino T-Rex

Is there an end to the Dino T-Rex game?

Actually, no. Dino T-Rex has no end, just like the classic game.

Why is Dino T-Rex so addictive?

Dino T-Rex has become so addictive due to the fact that so many people have played it in the past. With new features and a lot more content, it’s just perfect to enjoy.