If you love to hear music wherever you are, then you can’t miss having Deezer on your phone! You can start by saying goodbye to your old music player and adding a better option to your mobile with Deezer. Once you have installed the app you will get access to over 56 million tracks that you can download and listen to wherever you are, you only need to sit back and relax.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Deezer

  • Deezer is the perfect free app to stream all those global hits that you love to hear.
  • There are over 56 million tracks that are available in Deezer, and that includes podcasts.
  • If you feel like you want to discover something new, then you only need to activate the Shuffle Mode and relax.
  • Deezer will give you recommendations that will suit your overall music taste on a daily basis.
  • People can create different playlists in order to add their favorite tracks or podcasts.
  • There are different radio stations that people can listen to in Deezer no matter where they are.
  • There’s a Deezer subscription that will give you access to a lot more features that will improve your user experience.

Some FAQ of Deezer

Is Deezer for free?

Yes, Deezer can be used for free, or people can pay a subscription if they want to unlock more features.

Can Deezer be used offline?

Yes, people can use Deezer offline.

Can I download songs from Deezer?

Yes, people can download as many songs as they want from Deezer.

Why Deezer is that popular?

Deezer changed the way people enjoyed the music. Therefore, the impact they had on people is pretty big.