Cut the Rope FULL FREE

Is learning physics truly boring for you? Not with Om Nom who’s ready to help you out! Find a new adventure with this little monster in Cut the Rope FULL FREE that will give tons of knowledge and fun, while also enjoying a small series in the game while having tons of fun with our new little monster friend who loves candies!

Download Cut the Rope FULL FREE for PC


Download Cut the Rope FULL FREE for Mobile


Some important characteristics you should know about Cut the Rope FULL FREE

  • People can get up to 17 different packages with over 425 levels to play in.
  • Graphics are quite impressive for a smartphone and allows a bigger connection when playing.
  • People will get little animated series where Om Nom is the star of the movie.
  • The game offers the chance to learn about physics in a pretty fun way.
  • Om Nom will get superpowers while you advance in the adventure.
  • People can play to get free rewards in the game while completing levels.

Some FAQ of Cut the Rope FULL FREE

What is the Cut the Rope character?

The Cut the Rope character is known as Om Nom, a small monster that loves candies!

How do you get Cut the Rope without ads?

You will need to pay for the Cut the Rope app to get the ads-free version or download a complete APK.

Is Cut the Rope free?

Yes! You can get a free version that includes some ads in the game.

How old do you have to be to play Cut the Rope?

There’s no age limit to play Cut the Rope! You can be an adult and still enjoy this game.