Crowd City

VOODO is a company that is creating new games on a constant basis just to take over the gaming world with amazing and unique experiences! With Crowd City you will need to prove to the world that you do know how to control masses by gathering as many people as you can in thrilling matches that will make you sweat from the moment you start playing.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Crowd City

  • Crowd City is very simple to play, you will start as a single individual and you will need to gather as many people as you can.
  • Controllers from the game are easy. and the game is not so hard to master due to its simplicity.
  • Each one of the matches has a time established so players need to beat their enemies at that time.
  • Matches can gather more than 4 players at the same time fighting to become the most popular leader of the city.
  • The score you’ll get will depend on how many people are behind you, the less you have, the weaker you are.
  • Players will have different colors in order to know who they need to attack when they are playing.

Some FAQ of Crowd City

What age is Crowd City for?

Crowd City is a game that can be played by people of all ages!

What is the point of Crowd City?

The point of Crowd City is to gather as many people as possible while defeating other enemies to become the leader of the city.

Is Crowd City multiplayer?

Yes! Crowd City is a multiplayer game that everyone can enjoy.

How do you beat Crowd City?

The only way to beat Crowd City is to gather all the people from the city, so be prepared to run and gather them all!