Cooking can become something boring to do if people don’t change the way it’s done every once in a while. The same recipes over and over again can make people feel tired about them, so a little bit of help is always well received. Thanks to Cookpad, this will change right away as people have the chance to review the recipes from people from all over the world, and even add their own recipes!

Some important characteristics you should know about Cookpad

  • People can use Cookpad as a social media platform, as it allows users to make connections with other Cookpad users.
  • Cookpad allows users to share their own recipes as the app has a “Creation” feature available for everyone.
  • All the recipes that are added on Cookpad have been previously tested and tried before being added to the app.
  • People can easily filter what they are looking for at Cookpad as there are different options to make it possible.
  • Cookpad will eventually change the recipes shown in the app as they try to give users recipes for each season.
  • People can share photos of what they are doing to the app in order to make other users feel like it is possible to make it.
  • People can easily ask other users about their recipes in case they have a doubt about them.
  • Cookpad allows users to save recipes that they like in order to review them later.

Some FAQ of Cookpad

What is Cookpad app used for?

Cookpad is an app where people can share their recipes with people from all over the world, as well as they can get new recipes through the app!

Is Cookpad a free app?

It is a freemium app, meaning that people can use it for free, but it will eventually ask for a payment to be done.

How does Cookpad work?

People simply need to log in to Cookpad, once they are in the app, they can easily browse a recipe and they are ready to make it! Also, it can be used as a social media-like platform where people can share their recipes and get comments from others.

Is Cookpad worth downloading?

Yes! If you want to make new dishes to surprise everyone in your house, it is worth trying.