CNN Breaking News

Get access to one of the largest news platforms that exist in the whole world. People can easily stay tuned with whatever that is happening near or in another country thanks to the 24/7 CNN. You’ll find that all the news coming from CNN is verified and will give all the users the proper information about what’s going on. Simply download the app and enjoy news in the palm of your hand.

Some important characteristics you should know about CNN Breaking News

  • People using the CNN app have the chance to set custom alert settings in order to stay informed with what they truly want to know
  • People using the CNN Breaking News app can get access to 10 minutes of free live streaming without needing a cable subscription.
  • All the news coming from CNN can be easily shared with people on other platforms in an easy and fast way.
  • CNN Breaking News ensures that all the people get access to the right information while also giving them in-depth stories, photo galleries, and videos clips.
  • People using the CNN Breaking News app can get access to original series from the channel as well as films.
  • People with a cable provider offering the CNN subscription can connect through the app to fully enjoy all the content from the platform.

Some FAQ of CNN Breaking News

Is the CNN app free?

Yes! Everyone can download the CNN App for free whenever they want to.

How do I get CNN news alerts?

People can turn on the alerts on the CNN App on the adjustments. Once it’s done, you can get access to hourly updates about what’s going on.

How much does the CNN app cost?

The CNN app does not cost any money, but to get full access you need to be connected through a cable tv subscription.

Does CNN have widgets?

Yes. Just like many other apps, CNN has some widgets that every user can use.