Clubhouse is one of the newest apps that have been impacting social networks. It is made with the big purpose of being a voice chat, that could connect a lot of people around the world. In this app, you have the opportunity of finding different kinds of content, and you can also publish yours in them. So, if you are a good listener or a speaking person, this app is perfect for you!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Clubhouse

  • The application only works by audio, so it is something to take into account when using it.
  • Voice chats must be done live.
  • It has different virtual rooms, in which you can join and participate.
  • You can find and connect with both acquaintances and anyone who uses the application.
  • Clubhouse is a very simple and easy-to-use application.
  • It is the perfect application for people to express their ideas and opinions in a much more verbal way.

Some FAQ of Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse app used for?

It is used primarily for voice chat, discuss different issues, or just have group conversations.

How do I join Clubhouse?

For joining Clubhouse you need to have an invitation from another person.

Is Clubhouse a dating app?

No, it is a voice chat with the main function of debating

How do you get invited to the Clubhouse app?

Another person that has already sing up in the app can send you an invitation if they have one.