Citrix Workspace

Sometimes, we want to changes things a little bit, or maybe we are just tired of not getting enough of our device. What if there’s a way to improve the velocity of the apps we use without losing security and providing a great experience? Citrix Workspace is beyond ready to do that. Get access to your SaaS and favorite applications in an easy and fast way with Citrix.


Some important characteristics you should know about Citrix Workspace

  • Citrix Workspace is designed to make your mobile or desktop applications faster, and easier to use.
  • You can work on your favorite device no matter where you are, there are no limitations.
  • Citrix Workspace allows more than +20 apps to properly work with it, including corporate applications.
  • People can customize the way they want to see things, they can even set a unified view if they want to, which will let them see everything in one place.
  • Citrix Workspace works alongside Citrix SecureHub and Citrix Files, giving more safeness and more sign-in features to its users.
  • People can modify different features using Citrix Workspace, like the brightness of the screen, or data location to get different results on one app.
  • People will get access to a feed where they will view things they need to do, or just post important things that they need to remember.

Some FAQ of Citrix Workspace