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We have available the download of App Chromecast and Google Cast for PC and other devices. We explain to you how to download this free App Chromecast and Google Cast in this article. This app described in Momoco is tested from Play Store, AppStore and direct download.

To operate your Chromecast device, you will need to download the Google Home app.

It is a device that Google manufactured and that is used to send digital content or games, through your mobile phone, computer or Tablet to your TV. This device has the ability to transform any TV into Smart. To start using it, it must be connected to the HMDI port of the TV and connected to the Wifi network in our home, and then download the App that allows us to use it.


Download Google Home

What exactly is it?

It is a device that Google manufactured and that is used to send digital content or games, through your mobile phone, computer or Tablet to your TV. The vast majority of devices on the market can be configured with Chromecast, such as: iPhone, iPad, Android, Macs, PCs, including Chromebook.

What is your function?

This device belonging to the great family of Google has the ability to transform any TV in the industry into Smart. To start using it, it must be connected to the HMDI port of the TV and connected to the Wifi network in our home, and then download the App that allows us to use it.

How is the Chromecast connection made?

Setting up is the first step to get started with using Chromecast. It is necessary to take a series of steps that are described below:
• First of all, it is necessary to be clear that the Google device requires electricity. It can be obtained from any nearby outlet, or connected to a USB port on the TV.
Proceed to connect the TV. First, the Chromecast cable must be connected to the screen, it is as simple as using the HDMI cable.
Set up the appliance. You can perform either from the application or from the Chrome browser. The first is the selection of the Chromecast you want to configure and then you wait a few seconds for it to connect. When doing so, a code will appear on your screen, and if it matches, it is because everything has been done correctly. What follows is to name the device. It is important that, if you are going to use several televisions, you name the environment. Right at this moment is when you enter the Wifi password. Which is very relevant, since the Chromecast and the device must have been connected to the same network.
Reset. If you want to reinstall, you must press the only button on the device for a period of approximately 30 seconds. It is key that you are already plugged into the outlet until the light starts blinking.Why is Chromecast useful?
Various operations can be carried out with this device with the help of the TV screen. These are some of the most attractive:

• Through Chrome you can only browse the web.
• The content of the Cellular can be viewed on the TV.
• Streaming movies online through the Computer-TV connection
• Play from Google Play.
• Manipulate the TV with the smartphone.
• Transmit video conferences or manage social networks.
• Have access to the wifi direct, DLNA, Miracast protocols, to connect with all kinds of devices to the wireless TV.

What is it?

It is an App that makes possible the transmission of any other App or media, from any mobile device, tablets, computer, speaker and television.
What you can do with Google Cast.
You can use the voice of the user to search for information by actor, TV program or movie, and additionally you can personalize your TV screen with attractive images.
Also consider that Google Cast is now fully integrated in the Chrome browser, which means that you can make transmissions with great ease and without having to install or configure anything.
You can transmit all kinds of multimedia content to your Tv through phones or Laptops. It will transmit its programs or Tv Shows from Apps on your iPhone or Android device to the largest screen in your home.
You can enjoy on the big screen, which will surely be more pleasant and convenient for you, and at the same time it will allow you to see different at the same time.
Even anyone can broadcast different television programs to the big screen, whether they are family members or visiting friends. There is no doubt that both you, your family and friends will be able to have a good time together watching the big screen from the comfort of your home. Just download it right now and enjoy all the benefits that Google Cast gives you.
Google Cast has several apps that will help you in the broadcasts, among them are Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, Google play music, Movies and Tv, Radio, Plex, Spotify and others.

What features does Google Cast contain?

• Users will be able to browse and find popular shows immediately from their available apps for Cast.
• If your desire is to watch more TV shows or listen to music, surely you will find more apps available for Cast.
• Voice search is available to find TV shows, movies, and more.
• You will be able to personalize your TV screens with excellent quality images to improve your viewing.
• You will find the latest programs in their Apps to add them to Google Cast.
• The Google Cast device contains the play, pause and volume change buttons.

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