Looking for a place to catch up with your favorite CBS content and don’t know where you need to start looking at? Well, now, thanks to their app you can make all this and more. With the CBS app, you will gain access to all the content that you love and you will get the chance to enjoy content no matter where you go, there’s no need to pay more for it!

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Some important characteristics you should know about CBS

  • People using the CBS app will get access to the latest episodes of all the CBS-related content.
  • People can get access to live streaming through the app to enjoy all the live content from CBS.
  • CBS is the perfect place to enjoy lots of different sports, such as the NFL or the NCAA.
  • CBS usually gives its users access to amazing live events, such as the Grammy Awards.
  • People who already have CBS available on their cable package won’t have to pay more for the app.
  • Some of the content available on CBS will be available in different languages, such as English and Spanish.
  • People can get access to next-day streaming on determined series and content from CBS.

Some FAQ of CBS

Does the CBS app cost money?

No. People can download it and use it for free as long as their cable provider includes CBS.

Can I watch CBS all access on multiple devices?

Up to three different devices can watch content from CBS at the same time.

What is CBS app used for?

CBS is an app where people will get the chance to stream series, watch live events, and more.

Why CBS is so popular?

CBS is a well-known TV channel that has been around for quite some time, therefore, it has gained recognition among people easily.