Canva is the perfect tool for those who are looking to have a free image and video editor. But that’s not all you’ll get by using Canva. Canva is one of the biggest free software people can use to create incredible artwork pieces, you only need to practice and get along with all the amazing tools Canva offers you, the only limit will be your imagination!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Canva

    • Canva is a place where people have the chance not only to edit photos, they can also edit videos. They can crop, flip, cut, and a lot more with the tools Canva offers!
    • People can easily erase backgrounds from the photos thanks to the Background Remover.
    • Canva offers an easy tool to add text to photos, there are countless fonts available for this.
    • People can create personalized animations using Canva is a pretty easy way.
    • People can also use Canva for other tasks, like making a logo, or even a CV, there’s almost no limit.
    • Canva’s creations are easy to download to different devices, and you can share them in different formats,
    • There’s a premium version for those who want to make more than simple designs.

Some FAQ of Canva

What is Canva good for?

Canva is good for almost everything that is design-related. People can create all kinds of designs in a pretty easy way, and they can even use it to create CV among other similar stuff.

Can Canva be used as Photoshop?

Actually, yes. Maybe not all the features from Photoshop are available, but it is pretty similar to it.

Does Canva have a watermark?

Depending on what you are trying to get, yes. Canva will leave a watermark on the file, and it can only be taken out with the pro version.

Is Canva worth the money?

Depending on how you are going to use it. If you will use it a lot, and for work, then is perfect, but if you are looking for simple and fast solutions, you can stick to the basic plan.

What applications similar to Canva can we find?

You can take a look at other similar apps, such as Over or PicCollage. Although alike, there are several differences between these apps. Discover them…