If you are needing a different transport for you to use because you have grown tired of buses, taxis, and many more, then you can rely on using Cabify as your service of preference. Simply use the app and order a cab no matter where you are at, you will see how fast it can be for you to get to your destination with a pretty good service provided by Cabify.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Cabify

  • Cabify will let you know exactly how much you need to pay for its service before you take the ride.
  • Cabify will always strive for the user’s safety, meaning that it is a priority for the company.
  • All the vehicles that are part of Cabify will have to be geolocalized in case something happens.
  • People will know details of who will pick them up and the details of the vehicle they will be riding on.
  • People will get the chance to choose which driver or car they want to ask for their service.
  • Cabify has added different payment methods so users can feel safer while using them.
  • People can customize the way they are traveling, asking riders to change the music, turn the A/C, and more.
  • Cabify will tell people the rating of their drivers, so people can choose the best possible option.

Some FAQ of Cabify

How is Cabify different from Uber?

They are pretty similar services, but they offer different features to their clients, making them both a similar yet different products.

What is Cabify app?

Cabify is a cab application in which people are allowed to ask for taxis and get one within minutes.

Is Cabify in the US?

No, Cabify is not available in the US.

Is Cabify safe?

Yes, for Cabify, safety is first so they have implemented different ways to keep their clients protected.