Welcome to BYJU’s, the Indian reference application for exam and entrance test preparation. With BYJU’s you will be able to access a wide range of content for all subjects and courses, organized by categories and ages. Classes are taught by the best teachers in India, including the founding CEO Byju Raveendran. Thanks to its simple interface, you will find the app much easier to use.

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Some important characteristics you should know about BYJU’s

  • Byju’s’ app was developed by Think and Learn Pvt Ltd, established by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath in 2011.
  • Byju’s, tries to change the way how students learn, they offer learning programs for children from Classes 4 to 12, besides preparing graduates for competitive exam.
  • The app offers original content, watch-and-learn videos, animations, and interactive simulations that help students grasp things easily and in a fun way.
  • There 24/7 video lessons on the app. Learn from engaging & interactive video.
  • It is an innovation and interactivity app.
  • Personalized learning journeys. Every student will have their unique learning.
  • You have an unlimited practice and revision. Repeat topics several times and practice with.
  • Individual knowledge diagram.

Some FAQ of BYJU’s

How do I join a live class on BYJU’s?

Students must download the BYJU’S app from Play store and Appstore to access the free live classes.   They can select their preferred topic based on their class to book their slot.

Is BYJU’s free of cost?

BYJU’s follows a freemium model. That means, once you download the app, you have a period of 15 days for which you can use the app for free.

Does BYJU’s give free tablet?

At Byjus, you will be provided with a Tablet in which all the lectures come pre-loaded and work without internet connection. They give for free updated devices for to unprivileged students. You can sign up to give away your old and unused smartphones and tablets. BYJU’S will repurpose your old device, upgrade it with BYJU’S learning content.

What is BYJU’s learning kit?

The package consists of videos lectures mapped to the latest CBSE syllabus. The Personalized Learning Programs have been designed to adapt to the unique learning style of every student, as per their pace and style of learning. And you will be provided with a Tablet in which all the lectures come pre-loaded and work without internet connection.