Wanting to learn a bit more about specific things with short quotes from famous people? Well, you got the chance to do it now. With Blinkist, you have the possibility to listen to quotes from famous people, but you can also read them if you wish, you only need to get the app and you will get access to a huge library of insights that are listed on the app and that everyone can get access to.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Blinkist

  • People can listen to the different quotes that are listed on Blinkist if they don’t have time to read them.
  • People can access podcasts insights that are created by show creators in order to teach people something they might not know in the past.
  • All the insights that are listed on Blinkist are short, which means that people can read them easily.
  • There are 27 different categories listed on the app, that way people can get the chance to read about different topics each day.
  • People can get books recommendations from famous people, such as Bill Gates or others.
  • Blinkist allows users to download the insights in order to read them offline whenever they need to.
  • People can integrate Blinkist to their Amazon Kindle in order to read the content there.
  • People can sync different apps to Blinkist in order to take notes and keep everything in order.

Some FAQ of Blinkist

What is the point of Blinkist?

The point of Blinkist is to read insights about famous books that are listed on the app.

Can I use Blinkist for free?

People can use Blinkist for free only while the free trial is on, after that, people have to pay for it.

Can I share Blinkist with family?

No. Sadly, people cannot share Blinkist with anyone.

Is Blinkist worth the money?

Yes. It might be weird for some people, but Blinkist is truly worth the money.