You can enjoy this video game for weeks or it can even last for months. Behave as you want: be a criminal, be a thief, be a lover… raise a child, work as a policemabn, as a doctor… There are different options available in society that looks so real. You will enjoy this video game so much thanks to its realistic and unique experience.

Some of the most important characteristics of BitLife

• Any action you decide to do will change the course of the video game. So, have it in mind.
• There are many options available. It is a life simulation game, so everything will change depending on the different options available for you.
• Do whatever you really like to do. Behave as you want. You can be a criminal, a thief, a lover… if that is what you desire.
• As it is a life simulation game, it is very realistic and those things could even happen in real life.
Enjoy this video game for some weeks, It is not a game you will finish in a couple of hours.

FAQ about BitLife

Why should I download and install BitLife?

If you like life simulation games, you will love this one. It is not a short game; you will need more than some hours to finish this video game. This game will have different stories depending on the actions you perform, but remember to behave as you want. It is the only chance you have to do whatever you want to.

Does BitLife work on all devices?

You can run Bitlife in any device, either old smartphones or new ones, due to its simplicity and its optimisation, since graphics are not very impressive.

Should I pay once I have downloaded and installed Bitlife?

There are some payments throughtout the game. You will be able to use new options of the video game thanks to micro payments. Anyway, you can still play this game without paying anything, but have in mind you will be limited.

In summery

You will be able to do whatever you always wanted to thanks to this game. Different actions will take place throughout the game and this choices will change the course of the game. BitLife has been rated positively and has become one of the most perfect game related to life simulation games.