If you are looking for a fresh and innovative social media platform that has unique and different features to what people are used to seeing, then BIGO LIVE is the app you were looking for for so long. Thanks to features that have never been seen in other social media apps, chances are that you will fall in love with this app and start making friends in a pretty easy way!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Bigo Live

  • People can use BIGO LIVE to watch live videos from their friends or they can stream those live videos from people who use the app, they just need to search for them in the app.
  • Everything happening inside BIGO LIVE is in real-time. People will chat with different people, receive and send gifts, or participate in their live videos.
  • Users will have the chance to find people near them who are using the app thanks to the live videos and short videos they can upload to the platform.
  • BIGO LIVE allows its users to join groups with more than 10 users to be part of interesting chats.
  • People can manage their app in order to use it as a streaming platform, like Twitch, and they can connect with other gamers from the community.
  • People can get access to all the BIGO LIVE features from different devices if the app is supported.

Some FAQ of BIGO Live

What is BIGO Live used for?

BIGO LIVE is used for different things. People can use it to stream what they are doing, or they can watch streams from other people. They can also chat with people from all over the world, and they can also connect with people who are near them.

Is BIGO Live safe?

Yes. BIGO LIVE is a safe app for your phone.

Can you earn money from BIGO Live?

Yes, people can earn money by using BIGO LIVE, they will need to become Host or Recruiters and that will let them get some extra money.

What is BIGO Live age limit?

The only age limit BIGO has is that people that are 18 or older can use the app.