Looking for an app in which you will get the chance to browse through other people’s work? Or do you want to show the world what you are capable of doing? Well, you can do it now in an easy way. Thanks to Behance, you will get to show the world what you are capable of, or maybe see all the other pieces of art that people from all over the world uploaded.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Behance

  • People can use Behance as their online portfolio to show it to clients and other people.
  • People can use Behance to browse between the work from people from all over the world in an easy and fast way.
  • Behance allows its users to create different boards in order to show specific art pieces to people.
  • Behance members can comment on what the other users have been doing on the platform.
  • People on Behance can get involved in live streams in order to learn something new from other people.
  • Behance can be used as a platform in which people can find job opportunities thanks to its huge community.
  • The app will notify people whenever their content receives a new comment, appreciation, or when they get a new follower.
  • People can follow the artist or people that they like to know when they post an update or something similar.
  • Behance has “Stories” added to their home screen in which people can see the latest news from people they follow.
  • People can edit photos directly on Behance in order to later upload them to the platform.

Some FAQ of Behance

What is Behance used for?

Behance is mostly used as an app in which people upload what they create and show it to the world, but it can be also used to find job opportunities and more.

Are Behance pictures free?

No, they shouldn’t be used by other people.

Can I get Behance app for free?

Yes! People can get Behance for free.

Is Behance worth it?

If you are related to the design world, then yes, it is pretty worth having it.