BBC News

Sometimes, keeping in touch with what’s happening around the world might be something complicated to do. People are pretty aware of that, but thankfully there’s a way to make things easier! Thanks to BBC News, people can get access to different news happening all over the world by just using their phones, there’s no need to hear the radio or watch TV now!

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Some important characteristics you should know about BBC News

  • BBC News will give people access to the most trending news as soon as they open the app.
  • All the information that can be found on BBC News is provided by professional journalists.
  • People can use BBC News in order to personalize what they want to know about by adding the topics they would like to follow up.
  • BBC News app will give people the chance to stay tuned with what the news they like the most with the “My News” feed.
  • BBC News will give people recommendations based on what people have read before and according to their location.
  • People will get access not only to different news in the BBC app, but they will also get access to images, videos, and audio to complement the news in the app.
  • People using BBC News will get the chance to tune the BBC radio without any extra cost.
  • BBC News will send people notifications whenever trending news is up in the app.
  • People can download content that is available in the app for them to read it offline.

Some FAQ of BBC News

Is the BBC app free?

Yes, BBC News is free to use and download for everyone.

How reliable is BBC News?

BBC is one of the most reliable news channels in the world, so people can trust them with their eyes closed.

Does the BBC News app work offline?

Yes! They have added a feature for those who want to use the app while being offline.

Why should I download BBC News app?

If you want to know everything happening around the world in matter of business, finances, health, and more, then you should try out BBC News.