Trying to learn a new language and don’t know where to start? Or are the lessons you are taking too boring for you to keep them going on? No need to worry, there’s a way to make things easier for you. With Babbel, you have the chance to learn languages with short lessons, you won’t need to spend a lot of time to make it possible to happen, only the will to make it possible.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Babbel

  • Babbel offers people the chance to learn over 10 different languages on their platform.
  • All the lessons that are listed on Babbel are meant to last between 10 to 15 minutes.
  • People can use Babbel to find punctual lessons about travel, work, daily life, and more.
  • All the content that is available on the app works well to practice speaking and listening abilities.
  • People can practice their pronunciation thanks to the app as it helps users with lessons.
  • Babbel allows users to review what they have learned before so they don’t lose track of what they have learned.
  • Babbel has over 6000 different courses available on the app to learn different languages.

Some FAQ of Babbel

Is the Babbel app worth it?

Yes, Babbel is truly worth it when trying to learn a new language!

Is Babbel a safe app?

Yes, the app has proven to be quite safe to use.

Can two people share a Babbel subscription?

Yes, people can share their Babbel account with as many people as they want, but they can’t use it simultaneously.