AVG AntiVirus FREE

Thanks to AVG AntiVirus Free, you will not receive spam e-mails, the viruses will not damage your devices, your apps will not make your devices work slowly and spyware will not be able to damage your privacy. It is also common to have viruses in devices, so it is very important to download and install an antivirus in order to protect your devices.

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Most important characteristics of AVG AntiVirus FREE

• It will help you scan those files that you download from Internet: words and PDF files, apk, images, videos, and all those things you download day a day.
• You will be able to remove those apps that make your devices work slowly, regaining more memory.
• You will be able to motorize your devices: see the battery consumption and the efficiency of your apps.
• You will be able to lock your devices in case of a robbery thanks to its synergy with Google Maps.
• You will be able to try a trial version of 30 days for free if you want to have a better experience and to know all the benefits AVG AntiVirus Free can offer.

FAQ about AVG AntiVirus FREE

Why should I download and install an antivirus on my devices?

Not only PC and laptops have viruses in them, but viruses are now in smartphones, tablets and other devices too. Therefore, it is important to install an antivirus in your devices in order to protect them against those viruses. In addition, it also protect your information, your files, your bank accounts and everything you have in your devices.

Should I install two different antiviruses on the same device?

It could seem safe and secure, since it is like two different protections at the same time, but it is not necessary. The fact of installing two different antiviruses could lead to problems of compatibility and efficiency. It is better to have only one antivirus. That one will resolve all the problems and your devices will be protected at any time.

How often should I analyse my devices?

It is recommended to use the antivirus once you have download any file: photo, document, video, or any other file. Anyway, it is important to analyse your device once a week in order to avoid any future problem.
Why should I choose AVG AntiVirus FREE as my main antivirus?
AVG AntiVirus FREE provides you a very good protection and it is free too. However, have in head that there is a paid premium version with many other characteristics and benefits. Anyway, the fact of having the premium version depends on you and your use.

In conclusion

It is important to have a powerful antivirus in your devices in order to protect anything you have in your devices. In addition, it will also help get a better efficiency of your devices.
Remember to analyse your devices once a week to be protected at any time.