Aptoide is one of the best options if you are looking for an alternative to Google Play Store. It will suggest you those apps that you will probably like according to your interests. It is a community where freelance application developers upload, sell and share new apps. Nowadays, it is available in forty different languages and 150 millions of people use it, so it is a very popular app among people around the world.

Some of the most important characteristics of Aptoide

• This app is very easy to use, since it looks like Google Play Store. You do not need to subscribe in order to download and enjoy all the apps Aptoide contains.
• It supports freelance application developers, since they do not have to pay anything for uploading, selling or sharing their apps.
• Share your experience. Aptoide allows you to share your recent actions on your social networks, for example, you can share the new apps you have downloaded, your recent ratings, etc.
• Easy to buy products. You do not need to pay with card, other types of payments are allowed. You can even pay by cash.
• Enjoy a new world. Aptoide is more permissive than Google Play Store, so, probably, you will find those apps on Aptoide, those apps that you cannot find on Google Play.

FAQ about Aptoide

Why should I install Aptoide?

Aptoide is a good app if you want to get the best and the newest apps easily. Have in mind, you do not need to subscribe to use this app.

Does Aptoide work in all devices?

Since this app tries to expand around the world, Aptoide works in all devices. However, you can find some problems of compatibility if the smartphone you are using is too old or if its operating system is not updated.

What do I need to install Aptoide?

You only need to download the “.apk” of this application from this site. Download and install it, and that is all.
It is time to enjoy!

In summary

Aptoide is the best option if you want an alterntive to Google Play Store. Download and install your favorite apps from Aptoide. In addition, there are apps in Aptoide you will not find in Google Play Store.