Amazon Photos

In case you need a place where to store your photos that is easy to access no matter where you go to, Amazon Photos is a pretty amazing way to do it thanks to all its features. With this app, you can not simply store the photos you own, but you can also print them and even share photos in full resolution with other people in a matter of seconds.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Amazon Photos

  • With a free 5 GB photo and video cloud storage account, you can keep your memories safe while freeing up space on your phone even if you don’t have Amazon Prime.
  • Keep the resolution of your original image. Photos and films will remain the quality you took them.
  • Instead of being locked away in a phone or camera, see photo memories on your Echo Show and Fire TV. Add family and trip images to your Fire TV screensaver and Echo Show photo display.
  • Turning on Auto-Save to automatically back up your photographs and videos in your account.
  • Selected photographs, movies, and albums can be shared and commented on privately with friends and family on different devices.
  • When you search for images by date or location, you can find them in a more accessible way.
  • Invite friends and family to a private Amazon Photographs Group to share photos and albums. Organize images from significant occasions.

Some FAQ of Amazon Photos

Is Amazon Photos really unlimited?

No, the app is not actually unlimited.

Does Amazon Photos reduce quality?

No! It actually keeps the same quality as the photos.

Is Amazon Photos free?

The app is free to download, and even to use, but after some time people will have to pay for it.

What is Amazon Photos used for?

Amazon Photos is an app used to store photos and print them as well.