If you are a person that loves to be outside, discovering nature, and doing different activities, you might need help when you run out of ideas of where to go on your next adventure! With the AllTrails app, you will have the chance to discover new hiking, biking, and running trails from all over the world while also connecting with the community!

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Some important characteristics you should know about AllTrails

  • AllTrails have over 200.000 hiking and mountain routes for people to explore them.
  • All the maps that are available inside AllTrails come with the exact GPS location, so no need to worry about not finding the right spot.
  • People using AllTrails can download as many maps as they want from the app to use them offline in case there’s no internet connection.
  • AllTrails allows its users to choose different routes as they can be filtered by experience level.
  • AllTrails have different filters that people can use, such as if the trail is dog-friendly, or people with a disability can go to it.
  • People can turn on their AllTrails GPS Activity Tracker so their friends and family will always know where they are at.
  • AllTrails allows its users to save their favorite trails with just a click in order to repeat them in the future.
  • People can follow other users and see what they have been up to, which is awesome to feel inspired or to get new challenges.

Some FAQ of AllTrails

Is AllTrails app free?

AllTrails is a freemium app. This means that people can get it for free, but some features require payment.

Does AllTrails work without cell service?

People can download maps from AllTrails and use them without an internet or cell connection, so yes, it works without cell service.

Is it worth paying for AllTrails?

If you are a nature lover, you are constantly looking for new challenges, like going on long walks and more, then yes, AllTrails is definitely worth having.

What is the point of AllTrails?

The point of AllTrails is to connect people with similar interests in one place. Also, is the perfect app for those who want to find new routes to walk through and find new challenges on their way.