Still don’t know the genius Akinator? Ask him questions, and he will be able to guess the real or fictional character or animal you are thinking of. Win prizes Aki, make him guess characters that have not been played for a long time. Complete daily challenges and search for the mystery characters to win more prizes. Do you dare to challenge the genie?

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Some important characteristics you should know about Akinator

  • Akinator is a mobile game that can read your mind and will guess which character you are thinking about!
  • You can create an account and get access to tons of rewards while also saving your account progress.
  • Akinator now offers people the chance to challenge him with new features, not only famous characters!
  • People can change their mobiles and thanks to their Aki Account their information will be saved!
  • Akinator offers the chance to mix different clothes to create a unique adventure!
  • Now you can have a premium subscription that will unlock more content!
  • Kids can play this game too as there are some filters to make them feel safe!
  • You can put a photo of yourselves to create a bit more of magic.

Some FAQ of Akinator

Is Akinator a safe app?

Yes. People can get Akinator on the PlayStore so there is no issue with it.

What can Akinator guess?

Akinator can guess different topics. The main feature is that the genie will guess famous characters, but you can also challenge him to guess animals as well.

Who is behind Akinator?

We don’t know who is behind Akinator! Maybe a supersmart computer or a huge database with tons of information.

What are AKI awards?

Aki Awards are known for being completely different each day! There are different levels in Akinator that will let you get tons of rewards.

Can I play Akinator offline?

No. You will need to have an internet connection to play Akinator.