Forget about those headaches that you get when trying to work with your team and don’t where to start to get everything organized. With Airtable, that’s something that will become quite easy to do. Thanks to the app you won’t have to worry anymore when trying to collaborate with others, or when you try to communicate with your team, Airtable got you covered now.

Some important characteristics you should know about Airtable

  • Thanks to Airtable, people can easily create and manage tables to keep track of what they are working on.
  • All the projects in Airtable are organized in friendly cards to help people focus on them.
  • People can easily edit existing cards thanks to the simple spreadsheet interface that the app has.
  • Even though Airtable seems like a simple app that everyone can use, it actually has tons of features hidden for people who use the app.
  • People can easily link content between different tables to make things a lot easier.
  • Airtable offers its users the chance to visualize the tables they have created in their preferred way.
  • People can collaborate with other users in real-time, the only thing they will need is to connect them with their existing Airtable space.
  • Airtable has different in-app templates that people can use when working on their projects.

Some FAQ of Airtable

What is Airtable used for?

Airtable is an app that is mostly used for project management.

What is the difference between Airtable and Excel?

Excel is a way different app. People mostly use it to keep an eye on their finances and other things, even though it can be used as a project management tool, it is not, and that’s the main difference between Airtable and Excel.

Is Airtable a project management tool?

Yes! It actually is a project management tool.

Is Airtable for free?

Yes! Airtable is completely free.