Find the perfect place to stay for a getaway or a trip thanks to Airbnb, or be the host and share your space through the platform. You can now organize your trips with Airbnb, because in addition to accommodation, you will find other spaces, events, experiences, activities and places.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Airbnb

  • The best way to ensure you won’t be disappointed with your Airbnb rental is to manage your expectations and know exactly what you want to get out of your rental. With Airbnb’s search feature, it’s very easy to do.
  • If your dates are flexible, you can leave out that field. Note that if you do filter by dates, only listings that are available on those dates will show up.
  • Select the number of adults, children, and infants in your group. Guests are determined by bed space.
  •  The most important section is the Home Type! To filter if you are looking to have a whole house or apartment to yourself.You can set your price range and Airbnb will give you the average nightly price for your location. An exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.
  • Airbnb does a great job with price transparency, make sure you enter your dates for an accurate price search. You will see line items for the base nightly rate broken down by each date of your stay, plus an Airbnb service fee, cleaning fee, and sometimes an occupancy tax.

Some FAQ of Airbnb

How does Airbnb work for hosts?

To cover Airbnb’s customer support and other services guests pay a guest service fee of 0% to 20%. And Airbnb charges hosts a service fee of at least 3% for each reservation, to cover the cost of processing the transaction.

How Airbnb is adapted to Covid?

By rethinking its services to match customer expectations in the post-COVID world, Airbnb was able to turn a desperate situation into an opportunity to grow and generate new revenues. Airbnb started facing lockdown measures and travel restrictions across many countries, they were the first in line to have to adapt their offer to the crisis. Through the new Online Experience feature, Airbnb’s users can enjoy a wide array of activities, which would in normal times be suggested as part of a trip.

What Airbnb stands for?

Air Bed and Breakfast. Airbnb cofounders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky started out as two cash-strapped roommates in San Francisco in 2007. The two called their new endeavor “Air Bed and Breakfast,” a reference to the air mattresses the guests were staying on.

Why is Airbnb so successful?

Without such an enthusiastic customer base of more than 20 million users, the company may not have been able to survive disagreements with cities. As Airbnb continues to encourage large-scale adoption of its product and business model around the world, the company looks forward to continual innovation in its future. While hotels and licensed bed-and-breakfast establishments represent Airbnb’s primary competitors, the company manages to differentiate its product with its fun, local appeal. The company expects all employees to rethink designs, features, and execution so that the entire package accurately conveys the brand message. With innovation, persistence, and scalability, Airbnb has made extraordinary strides to become the successful startup it is today.