The classic snake game has taken over the world once again with a whole different way of having fun! Now it’s time for you to play online against other players as you take control of a cell and try to capture them all! You will need to eat the smaller cells in order to grow and become the biggest cell in the game to defeat each one of your enemies.

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Some important characteristics you should know about

  • Players can enjoy two different playing modes, they can play offline to practice or online to beat their enemies.
  • The point of the game is to eat other cells, once you have become the biggest cell and the time is over you win.
  • Beware that you can get into games that have already begun and they can face against players with advantage.
  • Controllers have changed a lot in order to provide users with a greater gaming experience, as well as making it easier.
  • People can customize their cells with unique skins that they can create before playing.
  • Matches are not quite so long, people can easily play 2 matches in only 10 minutes.

Some FAQ of

Can I play with friends?

Yes! can be played with friends!

Do I need Wi-Fi to play

No. can be played offline if players want to.

Why should I download is one of the most popular games created with similarities to the classic snake game. But, as it changed some of the rules and overall gaming experience.

Are players real?

Yes! Many people think that there are some bots.