Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the app that every single artist in the world will like to have on their devices! In case you have a creativity attack, you feel like you want to draw and express something, or you simply want to relax, you need to get Adobe Illustrator! Amaze yourself with the easiness of creating incredible art pieces with one of the most completes design software ever created!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Illustrator allows users to give up to 64x zoom in order to apply and rectify their art pieces.
  • People can select different pen tips which are perfect for making different effects while drawing.
  • Users can modify the different pens they have to give them different opacity, sizes, colors, and more.
  • Adobe Illustrator allows users to work with layers, which means that they have the chance to edit the drawing easily.
  • In case someone has the same layers with different effects, users can change the name of them in order to know how each one of them works.
  • People can save their drawings in different formats, so they don’t have to worry about if someone will have the chance to open them or not.
  • Adobe Illustrator allows users to insert shape stencils or vectors to make things a lot easier when making a complicated drawing.
  • People can connect with the Adobe Cloud meaning that they have easy access to their previous assets.

Some FAQ of Adobe Illustrator

Can Adobe Illustrator be used for drawing?

Yes! People can use Adobe Illustrator for drawing thanks to the amazing tools it offers to its users.

Is Adobe Illustrator Draw the same as Adobe Illustrator?

They are similar apps, but they are not the same.

Is Adobe Illustrator free?

Yes! Adobe Illustrator is completely free to use.

Why Adobe Illustrator is so good?

Illustrator is part of the family of Adobe, which has proven to be quality software, so yes, Adobe Illustrator is good!