Are you planning going out tomorrow? Do you want to know if it will be sunny? Thanks to AccuWeather, you will be able to know the weather forecast for the next days in any part of the world. You can also configure the notifications depending on your preferences and you can receive alerts when a storm is approaching where you are too.

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Some important characteristics you should know about AccuWeather

• You will be able to see the nearby clouds, the current weather forecast and more in real time, thanks to a weather radar.
• The weather information forecast will update every 15 minutes, such as temperature, environmental humidity, wind speed and much more.
• This app will send you a notification in case of very bad weather in the following 8 hours, such as rainy storms, heavy snow, hailstorm, and so on.
• This app is connected to the weather news of different countries.

Some FAQ of AccuWeather

Why should I use AccuWeather as a main weather forecast app?

You should use this app because its weather forecast is very accurate and give important and interesting information, that maybe, you want to know. For example, it shows you information such as UV radiation, temperature, real feel temperature, environmental humidity, wind speed and much more.
In addition, you do not have to pay anything, since this app is completely free.

Why is AccuWeather that popular?

It is popular because it provides you so much information and its weather forecast is very accurate. In addition, it is easy to use and it can send you notifications just in case you want it.

Should I trust its weather forecast?

AccuWeather was created in 1962; therefore, it counts with many years of experience and a great recognition. In addition, AccuWeather give importance to new technologies in order to improve its services.
Can I use know the weather forecast of other countries?
Of course, you can if you want. You can see the same information you see of your city in other cities you are interested on. Therefore, you can look for the weather forecast in other places.

What do people think about AccuWeather?

People think that AccuWeather is one of the best weather forecast app in the world, since it provides so much different information and it is very accurate.
Recently, people complain because the usual widgets this app had in order to give some additional information are starting to cause some problems due to new updates of the app.
However, it is something that can be solved in future updates. Therefore, you do not have to worry about that, because this app will probably work perfectly again.

In conclusion

If you want a real and accurate weather forecast app, you should download and install this app. In addition, it will provide you so much different information and its widgets will also give additional important information. Moreover, thanks to this app, you will be able to know important things, such as UV radiation, wind speed, environmental humidity, temperature, real feel temperature and much more.
Thanks to AccuWeather you will be able to make plans without worrying about the weather, since you will be able to know the future weather forecast at all times.