Putting your mind to the limit was never so easy to do! You will now need to prove how good a thinker you are, as you will face a nearly endless challenge. The rules are simple, you only need to move some squares with different values in order to create new pieces and reach your goal. It is just as simple as that! But, will it be that easy for you to make it happen?

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Some important characteristics you should know about 2048

  • Players have the chance to pick different game modes so they can enjoy the same game with different styles.
  • Controllers couldn’t get easier. People only need to swipe to all the directions and create powerful combinations.
  • Even though the game does have an end when people hit the “2048” piece, players can go on until they have no further moves.
  • Players have the chance of correcting their mistakes with the undo button, which has unlimited uses.
  • People can save their score in a pretty easy way. Each table size will have a different scoreboard that players can use to improve their skills.
  • The design of the game is pretty classic, but people can customize it a bit to if they want.

Some FAQ of 2048

How do you beat 2048?

You beat 2048 by reaching the “2048” piece, which is formed after playing for a while. But once is done, people can go on and keep playing.

Is 2048 good for your brain?

Somehow it is. It will keep your brain active and it will make you have new challenges with each one of the new matches you create.

What are the rules for playing 2048?

There are basically no rules, but the main one is that people can only make combinations with squares that have the same value.

Is 2048 free of charge?

Yes, 2048 is completely free for use, there are some in-game adds, but no more than that.