Remembering all your passwords might be something hard to do, and if you have a different password for all the accounts that you own, then you might have a hard time knowing where each one goes. But, thanks to 1Password this won’t be a problem anymore because it will keep every single one of your passwords stored in a safe place where you can manage them!

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Some important characteristics you should know about 1Password

  • People can store as many passwords as they need without any kind of storage limit.
  • 1Password will not only store passwords on the app but also stores usernames as well.
  • Once people start using 1Password, they shall not worry about the device in which they use the app as it will sync on all the devices.
  • People can share usernames and passwords with people who they trust through the app in a matter of seconds.
  • People will get access to the “Fingerprint Unlock” feature to make their phones safer.
  • 1Password is not only an app in which people can store their passwords, but they can also add personal and financial information too.
  • People can create “Vaults” in order to keep their information stored in different places.

Some FAQ of 1Password

Is 1Password a free app?

No. It is a freemium app, which means that people can use it for free for a while, but will have to pay for it later on.

Does 1Password have a desktop app?

Yes. 1Password is also available as a desktop app.

Has 1Password ever been hacked?

Proudly, 1Password can say that they have never been hacked in the past thanks to their security system.

Is 1Password premium version worth the money?

Yes. People can tell that the premium version is worth paying for. The app will unlock lots of unique features and will make things easier for users, which is awesome.