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Airport Tycoon (Roblox): FULL Guide

Like many other games in Roblox with the surname ‘Tycoon’ in their names, this is a simulation kind of game. Here, as you may think, you can build your own airport: from the airstrips to the buildings, the parking areas, and, of course, the airplanes. Airport Tycoon is a complete managing video game where you can make reality all your air traffic dreams.

This game was created by Fat Whale Games studio in 2019, so it’s a relatively recent creation, but it has become very popular.

Airport Tycoon is essentially a strategy game where you take the control of an airport, but first, you need to build it from scratch, planning, and choosing every detail. In the same way, you can go to visit other airports of your neighbors to see what they are doing and maybe take some ideas from them.

Apart from that, you can also travel to different islands, so the game has also an exploration component, and it’s very funny to fly with your own custom airplanes. You could discover special areas with teleportation portals. If you are lucky, you may find Pirate Island or even a mysterious place full of space rockets.

Are you ready to start building the best airport of all Roblox universe?

Airport Tycoon Tips & Trick

Your main goal in Airport Tycoon is to build a sustainable business of airlines. For that, you’ll have to give the structure to the installations and then buy airplanes and helicopters to transport people and make them as happy as possible.

Your starting point will be to design your own avatar, that you can customize at every level. Then, you’ll have to choose where to place the landing track, the control tower, the hangars, and all the services for your clients, even the food that they will eat while they are on air.

If you make your customers happy, then more of them will come to your airport and you will earn more money. Then, you’ll have to invest the money again in new buildings and airplanes. The more facilities you buy, the more money you can earn every day.

You’ll see three kinds of buttons in the interface. Everyone of them is used to buy in a different way. Let’s see it:

  • Blue Buttons: You’ll need these to buy airplanes or helicopters.
  • Red Buttons: These are used to buy buildings, landing strips, ramps, and many other services for your airport.
  • Purple Buttons: Use these to spend your Robux (Roblox money) in the game.

Another way to make money in Airport Tycoon is to exchange flight hours. With every flight in every airplane that you have, you will gather flight hours. After many flights, you’ll be able to exchange your time on-air for money.

But, definitely, the best and most simple way to get your coins to grow your airport is to offer a good service to your customers. If they have a good experience with you, they will return to your airport.

In any case, if you are having trouble with getting money or configuring your own airport, it’s always a good idea to visit other airports of your neighbors. Land there and take a look at how they are organizing everything: their services, facilities, and vehicles. Maybe this will make it easier to discover what you are doing wrong. 

What are the best and worst parts of Airport Tycoon?

Good elements:

  • It is an easy game with an intuitive interface. Managing an airport it’s a tough task but Airport Tycoon will make it simple.
  • You can create the airport that you have always dreamt of and you can share it with other people.
  • You’ll work with lots of amazing airplanes, trying to satisfy your customers, which is really funny.
  • Although controlling an airport may seem complicated, you can create everything you have in your mind without coding skills. 

Bad elements:

  • Airport Tycoon is not a fast game. That means that you need to invest some time in it to see your creation growing every day. It is a long-term game that implies a lot of personal dedication.
  • You’ll need a lot of effort and patience to be able to buy the most expensive airplanes. The best rewards are behind weeks and weeks of playing.

Airport Tycoon Promo Codes

As you know now, in this game you need to manage an airport and make it profitable. Below these lines, you have a lot of promo codes that will make your mission significantly easier. Start with more money and extras that will help you:

  • 200MIL
  • CHIP



Welcome to a video game where you can build your own airport from the ground up. If you ever wished to pilot lots of airplanes and manage a complete airline, this is the right place for you. Welcome to Airport Tycoon.

Here you will learn how to satisfy your passengers for them to spend more money in your air travel business. Build buildings, offer all types of services, buy better airplanes… You have to think about their happiness if you want to earn money and make the airport bigger and successful

And if you need a break, just get on the plane and take a ride. You can visit other players’ airports or you can explore new islands with incredible surprises. The sky is yours!