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Adopt Me! (Roblox): FULL Guide

In the world of video games, there is a big genre that is based on taking care of animals, pets, or other kinds of fantasy creatures. We have great and massive examples of that in Nintendogs, Pokemon, or even the original Tamagotchi.

It’s obvious that there are people that want to look after a pet. It doesn’t matter if that is real or virtual. And for that reason, Roblox has its own version of this RPG kind of game, and it’s called Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is, as the other we mentioned before (and many others), very popular with kids and… with other not so kid people. It was created in 2017 by DreamCraft studio and now it has more than 2,000,000 active users.

Adopt me! Tips & Tricks

All in this game is about a familiar surrounding. You have to take care of it, protect it. If you do it, the adults in that family can earn money. In Adopt Me! the currency is bucks. You need bucks to buy anything in the game. We’ll talk about it later.

Your main mission is to maintain your pet in good conditions, avoiding it to be hungry, and keeping it clean, healthy and happy.

The first thing you just do is to find a place where to receive donations. You should start doing so at the pizza shop and get the cash register to put it into your home. You’ll need to create an appealing message to invite other players to donate to you some money.

You have another way to get your bucks, and that is to have two different accounts: the main one and a secondary account. By doing that, you’ll get your second pet and you could link it to the pet of your main character. This can be done repeated times, so the more linked pets you have, the higher the reward.

How to be the greatest player hatching eggs in Adopt Me! 

All your pets will come inside pet eggs, so it’s very important to get them and hatch them properly. Here is some advice to do it like a master:

  • Getting pet eggs: To get them, what you need to do is accomplish some tasks and missions. By doing that, you’ll gain egg experience points. Once the experience bar it’s complete, a new random pet will appear. The best pets come from the rarest eggs.
  • Set your egg in your backpack: You could have many eggs at the same time, but you have to choose only one to emerge into your backpack.
  • Go to Adopt Island: To get missions and tasks (that will get you money), you need to go to this place first. If you don’t do it, it’s impossible to make an egg emerge. To go there, you just have to find a portal with a sign that says: Tunnel to Adopt Island.
  • Fulfill your tasks and missions: This needs no explanation because this is the normal mechanic of Adopt Me! No matter what you are trying to do: hatching eggs, earning bucks, or whatever.
  • Say hi to your new pet: When the experience bar of your egg is full, your pet will emerge. Now it’s your turn to look after it until it reaches adult age. If you collect 4 same adult pets, they will become Neon. And what is that for? Well, they just shine. 

Types of missions in Adopt Me! 

There are two kinds of missions in the game: blue and orange. The orange ones are the most important and they will reward you with more experience and money. Take a look at the icon of your target and an arrow will appear telling you where you need to go accomplish your mission.

Orange missions: These should be a priority for you, so pay attention.

  • Sick: Your pet is ill and you need to find a doctor to cure it.
  • Bored: Your animal or egg needs entertainment. Go to a park and have fun.
  • Camped: Your pet wants to spend some time resting with you in nature.

Blue missions: These are not urgent but you should complete them as well.

  • Hungry or thirsty: Well, it’s obvious what happens. If you go to the kindergarten, you could feed your pet or save food in your backpack.
  • Sleepy: Your pet friend needs to sleep. Find any bed or go camping.
  • Dirty: Your animal needs a shower. If you bought a bathtub for your home, go there. If not, just find a house that has it. 

All kinds of eggs you can find in Adopt Me! 

  • Starter egg: This one appears only once at the beginning of the game. You can’t obtain a legendary pet.
  • Broken egg: This one has a 1.5% possibility to get a legendary pet. Price: 350 Robux.
  • Pet egg: This one has a 3.5% possibility to get a legendary pet. Price: 600 Robux. 
  • Safari egg: This one only appears at some moments in the game. Price: 750 Robux.
  • Jungle egg: This one has a 3% possibility to get a legendary pet. They are only activated in certain moments. Price: 750 Robux.
  • Farm, Australian, and fossil eggs: They are exactly equal to the previous one. Price: 750 Robux.
  • Royal egg: This one has an 8% possibility to get a legendary pet. Price: 1,450 Robux.
  • Blue egg: They are the rarest in the game. Inside them, there are legendary animals. They are so rare that it’s possible you can’t find any under normal conditions. Sometimes they appear the days with special events in Adopt Me!

All the ways to earn bucks in Adopt Me! 

All the things you can get in the game (houses, dresses, eggs, items…) force you to get money to be able to buy them. So here are all the ideas you can carry out in Adopt Me! to get them:

  • Play every day: This is easy. Adopt Me! rewards you if you play for five days in a row. On the first day, you’ll earn 25 $, 50 $ on the second one, 100 $ on the third one, 200 $ on the fourth, and the fifth you’ll get a small surprise gift.
  • Buy money trees: You’ll find them in the Rare Items section, and they will cost you 1,450 $ each. If you plant them, soon you’ll be able to harvest and win from 8 to 100 $ a day.
  • Lemonade stand: Set your lemonade stand where anybody can see it and use your cash register to get cash from other players.
  • Ice cream truck: Very similar to the previous one. Win bucks selling to the people!
  • Find Santa Claus: Go to the town and find Santa. He’s got a lot of gifts! But you have to pay. The bigger the box, the better the reward:
  • Small box (dark red): 0,5% possibility to get a legendary item.
  • Medium box (starred blue): 1,5% possibility to get a legendary item.
  • Big box (purple): 4% possibility to get a legendary item.
  • Get bucks with Robux: This is easy and fast, but it will cost you to spend real money to buy the Robux, to spend them later getting bucks.
  • Use the cash register at your home: We’ve already told you how to get it (remember: the pizza shop). Just put it there and invite your visitors to donate to you.
  • Trick the game with more than one account: You can create infinite accounts on Adopt Me! If you create a second (adult) account, you can link them with a friendship invitation. You’ll need at least two different devices to play. All you have to do is going to your own home and donate up to 120 $. And you can repeat this trick as many times as you want.
  • Link your pets: This is a continuation of the previous point. If you hatch eggs with the new accounts, then you’ll be able to link the pets and your rewards will multiply too.

What are the best and worst parts of Adopt me!?

Good elements: 

  • It’s a very educative game. The kids will learn to take care of animals.
  • There is no violence, and children will have fun trying to raise their pets.
  • It is full of options.

Bad elements:

  • It is easy to have conversations with strangers which should be supervised by adults.
  • The innocence of the creatures can confuse. Parents must be watching for the kids not to get addicted or spending too much time playing video games.

Adopt me! Codes

This game has a pretty bunch of codes that you could use to start hatching eggs with better opportunities!

  • 1B1LL1ONV1S1TS
  • M0N3YTR33S (note: it’s a zero, not an ‘O’)



Adopt Me! is a game for all publics, where you can raise and take care of pets, dress them and play with friends. There are tons of items that you can get to look after your animal and customize. Get your bucks overcoming challenges and have fun with your furry companion!