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A 60% of teenage Roblox users do not report inappropriate acts online to their parents

Considering that Roblox is the entertainment platform with the highest number of active users per month (100 million), it is logical to assume that at some point problems may arise that alter the interaction between the users of this gaming ecosystem.

One of the situations that may be prone to occur is the online harassment of teenage users by other users, which, according to a digital civics survey, was determined that 60% of these teenagers prefer to omit reporting this and other types of behavior to their parents or legal guardians.

The survey was conducted on a sample population of 580 teenagers and 3,500 parents in the United States. Of these, 93 per cent admitted to discussing online behavior with their children “occasionally”, while 60 per cent of teenagers admitted to rarely talking to their parents about it.

Also, 91% of parents believe that their children will take the initiative to notify them if they witness any inappropriate behavior online, while 26% of teens expressed their willingness to do so when it happens.

On the other hand, 53% of teens said they would inform Roblox if a problem arose that violated their policy, while 33% said they would prefer to discuss it with an adult.

According to Laura Higgins, Roblox’s director of digital civics, “These data highlight the importance of initiating potentially uncomfortable conversations about inappropriate behavior online and keeping communication channels open with your children.

Adding to this, Higgins said that “the Internet is a vast and daunting place, particularly for those of us who did not grow up in the digital world, but getting involved in our children’s digital lives is our best chance to raise a generation of empowered digital citizens.

Higgins concluded his statements by saying, “Simply checking every day to see what your children are experiencing online will help build an open and trusting relationship, encouraging them to ask you for help when they need it most.